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Focus on packing bag production for many years

The first choice of packaging bags for many years

products & servicesThe unanimous choice of many industries

Food industry

Professional design, production of aluminum foil bags, evacuated vacuum bags, cooking bags, boiled bags and other high requirements plastic bags.

Daily chemical industry

Professional design, production of mask bags, sanitary napkins, wet towel bags, diaper bags and other packaging bags.

Integrated industry

Professional design and production of three side sealing bags, middle sealing bags, four side sealing bags, zipper bags, self-supporting zipper bags, vacuum bags and other plastic bags.

Packaging industry

Professional design and production of automatic packaging film, it applies to all kinds of automatic packaging industry, more effectively increase production and reduce labor costs.

Five big reasons to choose us

Your product packaging expert


Years of focus on R & D--Leading the fashion of plastic packaging

  • Professional research and development, production of daily chemical, food, clothing and other industries plastic bags.
  • The R & D team has many years of experience in the industry, constantly innovating to lead the industry standard.
  • The packaging is fashionable, beautiful and practical, helping you create high-end product image.


Introduction of advanced production line--Guarantee of delivery time

  • Thousands of square meters of modern standard plant
  • It has many automatic computer printing machines, and many production lines are produced without interruption for 365 days, with the annual production capacity up to thousands of tons
  • Continuous introduction of advanced equipment, only to produce more professional plastic bags products.


Strictly control the production link--Ensure product quality

  • Annual designation of the industry well-known plastic products raw material suppliers
  • The production site strictly carries out quality management, and every link is strictly controlled.
  • In strict accordance with production process production, from raw material inspection to finished products, strictly control product quality.


Demand customization--Give you a special package design

  • Customize customer's products according to customer's requirements
  • Provide a series of solutions to get the best packaging with the least money.
  • The supply is stable, the delivery cycle is fast, and the product range is complete.


Perfect after service--Put an end to worries

  • Technical engineers work on one to one and solve all kinds of problems in time.
  • Self professional logistics team to ensure distribution and timely delivery.
  • Gold medal after-sales team, 24 hours a year, guaranteed to respond within 2 hours.
  • Product quality problems can be returned free of charge

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Dongguan Huadi Packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Huadi Packaging Products Co., Ltd., located in the Xian Sha two Shang Fang Industrial District, Dongguan City, has a factory area of more than 5000 square meters. In 2003, the factory was built, after more than 10 years of experience and development, so far, it has been a certain scale of production enterprises in the soft packaging industry. The company has a group of more than 10 years engaged in flexible packaging industry personnel, technical personnel and a group of professional production personnel. The company has perfect mechanical equipment and two advanced production lines to ensure that the products produced are of excellent quality and meet the requirements of customers. The company specializes in baby feeding bags, food, daily chemical suction bag, self-contained valve bags, boxes in bags, food packaging bags...

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It's a trustworthy brand

It's a trustworthy brand

I and huadi are the partners of many years, so many years of business contacts make us more tacit, and I have become a good friend with the boss of Wendy. No ma...

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High quality after-sale service

High quality after-sale service

Ever since I worked with Hua Di, I have witnessed the ups and down of a business from small to large, from weak to strong. Over the years, their company has won...

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Good quality of the product

Good quality of the product

We have been working with them for 3 years. We are very relieved to use their products for three years. Their after-sale service is very good. The important thi...

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Guarantee of delivery time

Guarantee of delivery time

The product packaging is novel, beautiful and practical. We have been working with their company for many years. The company is very satisfied with their produc...

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Introduction of the material f

Introduction of the material f

Tea bag in our life is very common, and the production of tea bag material is a lot of material, today, Dongguan tea bag manufacturer for you to introduce the m...

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