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Main production - liquid packaging bags, suction mouth bags, etc

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Consistent choice of many industries

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Flexible packaging one-stop procurement platform to meet packaging needs
  • 5L liquid nozzle bag

    5L liquid nozzle bag

    It has excellent air tightness and composite strength. It can withstand the pressure of more than 50kg and will not crack or leak after several minutes. It is made of multi-layer materials, which has good compressive strength and fastness...
  • Daily necessities mouth bag

    Daily necessities mouth bag

    Bag heat sealing fastness is strong, pressure resistance, drop resistance, not easy to break, no leakage. It can replace bottle, save cost and improve market competitiveness of products. With suction nozzle and zipper, it can be used repeatedly, with strong...
  • Yoghurt milk sucking mouth bag

    Yoghurt milk sucking mouth bag

    The traditional milk packaging bag uses a flat mouth bag. After the milk is filled, the mouth of the bag is sealed. When you need to drink, you can cut it or bite the corner of the bag with your teeth. If you don't pay attention to it, the milk will flow out.
  • Breast milk storage bag

    Breast milk storage bag

    The material is recyclable, environmentally friendly and BPA Free After gamma ray disinfection, double bone sealing, disposable products, use more quickly Keep breast milk and other dairy products fresh.

Meet the application needs of various industries

To meet the industry's material, size, shape, pattern, printing process to maintain consistent application requirements
  • Packaging bag of disinfectant

    Packaging bag of disinfectant

  • Breast milk storage bag

    Breast milk storage bag

  • Infant and child food bag

    Infant and child food bag

  • Self standing zipper bag

    Self standing zipper bag

  • Liquid sampling bag

    Liquid sampling bag

Product diversification

Selected environmental protection materials, high transparency, good sealing performance, in line with environmental protection and green packaging.
Product diversification

Packing bag Customization process

Just 5 steps to customize the packaging solution for you

Communication needs

Appointment of door-to-door communication needs

R & D samples

R & D and production of various packaging bags

volume production

After the customer confirms the sample, it will be put into mass production

Packing out of warehouse

Ensure timely delivery and ensure the safety of freight transportation

After sales tracking

The implementation of special line sales documentary

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Powerful manufacturers

Four core reasons
Experienced packaging and printing process


direct deal


After sale


Leading the fashion of composite bags

Focus on R & D for many years

Professional research and development, production of daily chemical, food, clothing and other comprehensive industries of composite packaging bags

Packaging style novel, beautiful and practical, help you create a high-end product image


The style and delivery time are guaranteed

Introduction of advanced production line

With thousands of square meters of modern factory buildings

With a number of automatic computer printing machines, a number of production lines 365 days continuous production, annual production capacity of thousands of tons


Ensure product quality

Strictly control raw materials and production links

Annual designation of well-known plastic raw material suppliers in the industry

The production site strictly carries on the quality management, each link is strictly controlled


Serve every customer with heart

Perfect after sales service

Technical engineers one-to-one service, timely solve all kinds of problems for you, self built professional logistics team to ensure delivery, delivery on time, delivery in time

Gold medal after-sales team, 24 hours a year, guarantee response within 2 hours, product quality problems can be returned and replaced free of charge

HUADI· Company profile

Innovation never stops walking hand in hand with you

Dongguan Huadi packaging products Co., Ltd


Dongguan Huadi packaging products Co., Ltd. is a flexible packaging production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company is located in ershangfang Industrial Zone, xiansha Avenue, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, with a plant area of 5000 square meters. It was established in 2003. After more than 10 years of experience and development, it has been a certain scale production enterprise in the flexible packaging industry.

Since the establishment of the company, bearing in mind that...


Pay close attention to huadi in real time and control the development track of the industry
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