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Banana vinegar beverage packaging bag

click: time:2019-04-29 edit:Hua Di's editor
Banana vinegar beverage packaging bag

Product Name: fruit juice suction bag


Size: customized


Materials: PET / PA / PE or PET / Al / PA / PE or PET / VMPET / PA / PE


Optional process: partial matte, aluminized carving, plus internal and external surface


Color selection: 1-8 colors




1. The heat sealing fastness of the bag is strong, pressure resistance, drop resistance, not easy to crack and leakage;


2. It can replace bottle, save cost and improve product market competitiveness;


3. Add suction nozzle, can be used repeatedly, strong sealing, easy to save, suitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing;


4. It has high barrier and good mechanical strength. Compared with the common packaging forms, the biggest advantage is portability;


5. The suction mouth bag can be conveniently put into the backpack or even the pocket, and the volume can be reduced with the decrease of contents, which is more convenient to carry;


6. Unique design, can effectively prevent burst, new printing process, highlight the pattern design and trademark effect, can design special trademark or pattern, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. It can highlight the high-grade and unique shelf effect of products.


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