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[Valve bag] Hippophae rhamnoides juice valve bag

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Product name: valve bag

Capacity: 500ml-10L (customizable)

Material: NY/PE (transparent bag), VMPET/NY/PE (aluminized bag) or PET/AL/NY/PE (pure aluminum bag)


Process: intaglio printing, solvent-free composite

The valve bag is suitable for liquid packaging with large capacity. It can be divided into two types: bag in box and self-supporting bag. It is common in the packaging of drinking water, juice drinks and red wine. Its function is mainly to facilitate the use of the liquid in the bag and avoid contamination caused by the contact between liquid and air.

The valve is an important part of the valve bag. According to different material characteristics, cold and hot filling processes and the requirements of filling equipment, different covers can be selected, such as switch type, screw cap type, button type, screw type, plunger type and other special valves and covers. Our commonly used valves are butterfly valve, needle nozzle valve, point contact valve, milk valve, etc. Its advantages are complete sealing, zero gas test leakage, and simple use, High service life.

Compared with other packages, the valve bag saves more storage space before being canned, because it is flat and stacked, and does not waste extra space. After being canned, it is lighter than the ordinary hard packaging, and it is more explosion resistant and drop resistant, so it is more suitable for the transport packaging of liquids.


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