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What are the advantages of vacuum packaging bag

click:184 time:2022-12-20 edit:Hua Di's editor

The appearance of vacuum packaging bag greatly facilitates our daily life and brings people a lot of convenience. In addition, it is not only the favorite of businesses in the market, but also the favorite of consumers for vacuum packaging bags. So why are vacuum bags so popular? What are its advantages? Now, let’s introduce the advantages of vacuum packaging bags.


1. Barrier: The vacuum packaging bag has a very high barrier property. It can achieve a high barrier effect on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, smell, etc. by co extruding films with high barrier properties of different plastic materials.


2. Stability: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality assurance, fresh-keeping, odor protection, can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging.


3. Low cost: Compared with glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, co extruded film has greater advantages in cost to achieve the same barrier effect.


The above is about the advantages of vacuum packaging bags. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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