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[False mouth self standing bag] False mouth self standing bag

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Product name: Self standing bag

Size: customized according to customer requirements


Optional process: partial matt, aluminum plated hollow, and male and female surfaces can be added

Color selection: 1-8 colors

Self standing bag features:

1. The bag has strong heat sealing fastness, and is resistant to pressure, dropping, cracking and leakage;

2. The zipper can be used repeatedly, with strong sealing and easy storage, and is suitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing;

3. It has high barrier property, good mechanical strength, and unique design, which can effectively prevent bursting. It has a new printing process, highlights the design and trademark effect, and can design special trademarks or patterns, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. It can highlight the high-end and distinctive shelf effect of products.

Usage: Suitable for packaging of daily chemical products, snacks, dried fruit food, pet products, underwear, underwear and other clothing.

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