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What are the advantages of aluminum foil packaging bag

click:359 time:2022-11-11 edit:Hua Di's editor

Aluminum foil packaging bag is a kind of common packaging in our daily life. Its excellent performance and perfect metal appearance (looks quite impressive) make it popular with consumers and businesses. It is often used for high-end products. What are the advantages of aluminum foil packaging bag? Let’s have a look.


1、 Aluminum foil packaging bags play a decorative role by coating aluminum thin powder on the plastic film: aluminum packaging bags are also known as aluminum packaging bags. Aluminum foil packaging bags, as the name implies, are packaging bags containing aluminum foil (pure aluminum foil) in the internal structure. Since the internal structure contains pure aluminum foil, they are referred to as aluminum foil packaging bags, also known as pure aluminum bags, aluminum foil bags. In fact, the aluminum foil bag is made of a variety of plastic films and 99.9% pure aluminum layers, which are then sealed and cut by a bag making molding machine. In terms of performance, it has better cooling effect than aluminum bags. Pure aluminum bags are completely shielded, and aluminum bags have a shading effect.


2、 From the material point of view, the pure aluminum bag is pure aluminum, high purity, and soft material; The aluminum bag is mixed with composite material, which is a brittle material. In terms of use, pure aluminum bags are suitable for products such as cooked food and meat, while aluminum bags are suitable for tea and powder. From the perspective of cost, pure aluminum bags have higher unit prices than aluminum bags. Illuminate the bag toward the light and the sun. Through the bag, you can see the light is aluminized, but you can’t see the pure aluminum foil.


3、 From the appearance, there is almost no difference between the two. Even the same product will lose water within one month after being put into aluminum packaging, and microorganisms may multiply in large quantities. If the aluminum foil packaging bag is put in, the same thing may happen six months later. In order to ensure the quality of interior decoration, many packages are vacuum treated. In vacuum, the internal oxygen will be reduced, and the environment for microbial growth will disappear, which will protect the product. Secondly, the aluminum foil packaging bag has good stability and will not be affected by the external environment.


4、 In terms of function, there is a big difference between the two. First of all, aluminum foil bags are pure aluminum foil, so their moisture-proof, shading, waterproof and anti-oxidation effects are far stronger than aluminum packaging bags. Durability is the spokesman of aluminum foil packaging bags. Both bags can be printed with patterns. The aluminum foil bag has a soft feel and the aluminum foil bag has a hard feel. Therefore, the storage bag is suitable for food, medicine, chemical products, some electronic parts, and mechanical parts. Because of the need for sealing, the storage bag is also very common. On the other hand, aluminum foil packaging bags are mostly used for express mail, which does not mean that aluminum packaging bags are bad, but proves that aluminum packaging has a high cost performance ratio.


The above is about the advantages of aluminum foil packaging bags. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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