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How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bag

click:333 time:2022-11-15 edit:Hua Di's editor

Aluminum foil bag is one of the most common packaging bags on the market at present. Its high barrier properties and its metallic appearance make it popular with consumers. However, in the face of the huge packaging market, many packaging manufacturers have emerged at this time, and the quality of aluminum foil bags produced by many manufacturers is also uneven. Now, Xiaobian will introduce how to identify the quality of aluminum foil bags. Let’s have a look.


1. First, the printing quality of aluminum foil bag:


Check whether there are obvious three colors at the joint of two colors. The higher the fidelity level of the physical image, the better. Check whether there are wiredrawing, fogging, blocking, missing printing, etc.


2. Secondly, the material of aluminum foil bag:


The packaging bag should be odorless. The odorous bag generally makes people feel that it does not conform to the hygiene standard, and may also affect the normal use of the bag. If there is no odor, it is necessary to check the transparency of the bag, whether the clarity is even, whether there is impurity, etc.


3. The firmness level of aluminum foil bag:


The firmness of the bag is mainly divided into two types, which conform to the firmness and the firmness of hot air. Wuxi aluminum foil bag has different firmness levels due to different materials.


4. Finally, the appearance tidiness:


The stiffness of the bag shall be observed first. Generally, the higher the flatness, the better, except for the different needs of materials. For example, if the bag is made of nylon and high-pressure membrane, the heat seal of the bag will be wavy; It is also necessary to observe whether the cut edge of the bag is neat, and the tidier the better.


The above is about how to identify the quality of aluminum foil bags. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.



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