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What is the cause of food packaging bag leakage

click:398 time:2022-10-25 edit:Hua Di's editor

Packaging bag is an indispensable packaging in our daily life. Its appearance has brought great convenience to people’s lives. However, when we use packaging bags, we sometimes encounter leakage. Let’s talk about the causes of leakage of food packaging bags.


1. Insufficient heat sealing temperature:


In the same way, the heat sealing temperature required by the heat sealing material at different locations is different, and the packaging speed and packaging environment temperature will also affect the heat sealing temperature, which are all problems to be solved. In addition, the temperature accuracy deviation of heat sealing equipment will also cause insufficient heat sealing temperature, resulting in poor sealing of composite packaging bags.


2. Contaminated sealing components:


In the filling process of food packaging bags, the sealing position of packaging materials is often polluted, including liquid pollution and dust pollution. To solve the problem of sealing parts being polluted, we can improve the packaging equipment and use anti pollution and anti static electric sealing materials.


3. Equipment and operation problems:


For example, too much smoothing agent for corona and heat seal layer leads to poor heat seal. For sealing performance, it is very important to take preventive measures and post inspection. Among them, strengthening inspection links and timely finding sealing defects can be prevented in advance.


The above is the explanation of the reasons for the food packaging bag leakage. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.




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