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What is the fashion trend of self standing detergent bags

click:213 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

In today’s material rich world, packaging has given new content and important significance of the times. Packaging is becoming more and more effective, more and more practical, and closer to the needs of consumers. As a new and flexible packaging form, the self standing bag for laundry detergent has many favorite features, such as diverse styles, convenient use, and recycling.



Laundry liquid self-supporting bag is a popular liquid packaging bag, which is a plastic composite soft package with high barrier and high temperature resistance, easy to open, not easy to crack, more conducive to repeated application, and more convenient to use. At present, compared with some packaging products in the market application, the laundry detergent self-supporting bags are generally BOPA/LLDPE product structure, with high strength, impact resistance, impact resistance, good barrier performance, etc.


The main characteristics of the self standing bag for laundry detergent are its strong heat sealing, pressure resistance, drop resistance, not easy to break, no leakage, suitable for liquid packaging, can be used to replace bottle packaging, low cost, high utilization rate, and improve the market competitiveness of the product. On the basis of it, suction nozzle and zipper can be added to realize repeated application, strong sealing, easy maintenance, manual and automatic filling and sealing. With advanced printing technology, you can customize different styles of laundry detergent bags according to various requirements. In the composite color printing of laundry detergent self-supporting bags, more than three kinds of special composite materials are compounded, which has the advantage of supplementing the advantages of each layer of materials, printing 6-9 color, solid heat sealed bags, and will not be penetrated and pressured by the corrosive liquid.


Laundry liquid self-supporting bags have been widely used in daily life, not only in the packaging of laundry liquid, but also in the food and exercise industry. The shape of the laundry liquid self-supporting bags can be improved according to different situations, which can obtain more packaging advantages.


The situation of flexible packaging, such as self supporting nozzle bags, has not only deepened in the domestic market, but has been widely used in Europe, the United States and other developed markets. According to statistics, the market demand for self supporting bags in Europe and the United States has been growing rapidly at a rate of 15% – 20% every year. Self supporting nozzle bags are widely used in the packaging field, such as food, jelly, beverages, daily necessities such as laundry detergent, etc, Self standing suction bag mouth is a packaging form widely used in the market at present.


Self standing nozzle bag is widely used as a new packaging mechanical seal with effective high performance, filling speed and efficiency. The rapid development of new packaging machinery promotes the more effective development of self standing nozzle bag, which is outstanding in both appearance and practicality.


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