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Infant and child complementary food packaging bag

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Product name: breast milk storage bag

Material: PET/CPE (conforming to FDA standard, without bisphenol A)

Capacity: according to customer requirements

Frost resistance: – 10 ℃

Main features: recyclable, environment-friendly, 100% BPA free

Sterilized by gamma ray, double bone sealing, disposable products, faster use

Use: Keep breast milk and other dairy products fresh, and store baby snacks.


Bag type: our company has developed ordinary type, special-shaped type, temperature sensing type, and breast milk bag with adapter

Our company has rich experience in the production of breast milk storage bags and a group of fixed technicians. The monthly output of breast milk storage bags is about 1 million. Standardized dust-free workshop, food grade PE raw materials, environment-friendly ink printing, no solvent and economic compounding, bag making with non-stop material change, gamma ray disinfection, plastic packaging bag types include ordinary type, profiled type, temperature sensitive type, interface type breast milk storage bag, milk powder bag and baby complementary food bag. In addition, double milk outlets of different sizes are designed at the bottom, which is not only suitable for different sizes of milk bottles, but also prevents secondary pollution. The double sealing bone strip design ensures that no water leaks, and the breast milk is isolated from the outside air. The self-supporting bag design is independent. It can stand on its own. It is more convenient, practical, and accurate. The scale mark seal has a continuous hole Yisi line, which can be opened without scissors. The date record design is convenient to record, and the product quality has been unanimously recognized by existing customers.

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