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Development Trend of Vacuum Packaging Bag Equipment

click:289 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

The national packaging powers will rely on their concentrated resources and superior pioneering and innovative talents to enter the vacuum packaging bag equipment market in China after China’s low customs duties. In this regard, if there is no strong countermeasure, the commanding heights of China’s vacuum bag manufacturing operation may be regulated by the international resources of the national vacuum bag powers. To this end, the state will provide a series of preferential policies to cultivate some powerful enterprises in the vacuum packaging equipment industry.


The truly high-level vacuum packaging bag equipment must be able to meet the needs of users, product consumers and social development, so as to reflect its level and value. To meet the needs of users, consumers and social development can be achieved through the following points, which is also the development trend of vacuum bag machinery in the world today. Let’s take a look.


1. Automatic fault diagnosis and automatic recovery. The implementation of this function can reduce troubleshooting time, labor costs and personnel training costs.


2. Flexible. Simply operate the same vacuum packaging machine to change the type of vacuum packaging bag products and the form of vacuum packaging bag. This function is very effective for the market demand of small batch and multiple varieties.


3. High precision, high speed and high efficiency. The equipment can not only work at high speed and stably, but also reduce the time of abnormal production as much as possible (such as waiting for raw materials, mechanical maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.), which is the most direct means to improve efficiency.


4. Safe, energy-saving and environmental protection. This includes protecting the personal safety of equipment operators and product consumers to the greatest extent, reducing the consumption of energy (such as electricity, water and gas) as much as possible, and adopting appropriate processes to minimize the adverse impact of the production process on the environment.


5. Strong connectivity. It is necessary to realize the communication between single computers conveniently and quickly, so that single computers can be connected into a whole line, and the communication between single computers or the whole line and the upper monitoring system (such as SCADA, MES, ERP, etc.) can also be realized conveniently and quickly. This is the basis for monitoring, statistics and analysis of vacuum packaging line efficiency, energy consumption and other indicators.


6. The control software of the machine can be easily modified and maintained. The standardization of machine control software makes the structure of control program clear, readable and easy to understand. In this way, the program prepared by one engineer can be easily understood by other engineers, and the system maintenance and upgrade can be completed conveniently and quickly. This is very beneficial to reduce downtime and long-term operating costs of enterprises.


The above is about the development trend of vacuum bag equipment. After reading, do you understand? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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