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[Self standing packaging bag] Rice packaging bag

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Product name: rice packaging bag

Capacity: 300g-5kg (customizable)

Material: PET/NY/PE or NY/PE

Process: gravure printing, solvent-free composite


Rice packaging bags should have the functions of insect prevention, moisture-proof, quality assurance and convenient transportation. Generally speaking, jute bags, cloth bags and plastic woven bags are common in the market, but jute bags and cloth bags are easy to breathe, which can not protect rice very well. Plastic woven bags are sewn and sealed without any fresh-keeping technology. This packaging method has relatively poor effect on insect prevention, moisture-proof and fresh-keeping of rice, Usually, it can only serve as a container for food. However, the plastic woven bag has strong tensile strength and can be used for rice with a package weight of more than 5kg.

Today we are going to introduce the vacuum rice packaging bag. It is a bag made of two or more layers of materials such as nylon and polyester film through composite and constant temperature curing. It has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, puncture resistance, and explosion-proof performance. And non-toxic, tasteless, space saving, convenient transportation and storage.

There are mainly two types of rice bags, namely, three side seal and organ bag, which can attract consumers’ attention with fresh and beautiful printed patterns.

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