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Learn about the advantages and manufacturing process of self standing plastic suction bag

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Many people ask what is a plastic suction nozzle for a self-supporting bag? What are the advantages? How is the production process? Today, I will explain to you one by one.



1、 What is the plastic suction nozzle of the self-supporting bag


Self standing bag plastic suction nozzle (Doypack) refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom and suction nozzle at the top or side; The self-supporting structure can stand independently without any support and whether the bag is opened or not.


2、 Advantages of self standing bag plastic suction nozzle


At present, the soft drink packaging in the market is mainly in the form of PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags and pop cans. In today’s increasingly homogeneous competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition. The plastic suction nozzle of the self-supporting bag has the fashion of both the repeated packaging of PET bottles and the composite aluminum paper package. At the same time, the printing performance is incomparable with that of traditional beverage packaging. Because the basic shape of the self-supporting bag is adopted, the display area of the suction nozzle bag is significantly larger than that of PET bottles, and is superior to the Tetra Pak pillow which cannot stand. Of course, since the mouth sucking bag belongs to the category of soft packaging, it is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated drinks at present, but it has unique advantages in fruit juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly food, etc.


Self standing bag plastic suction nozzle is a relatively new packaging form, which is more portable than common packaging forms; The plastic suction nozzle of the self-supporting bag can be conveniently put into the backpack or even the pocket, and the volume can be reduced with the reduction of the contents, which is more convenient to carry. In many aspects, such as upgrading the product grade, strengthening the visual effect of the shelf, portability, convenient use, freshness and sealability. The plastic suction nozzle of the self standing bag is laminated from the PETfoilPETPE structure. It can also have two or three layers of other specifications and materials. Depending on the different products packaged, the oxygen barrier protection layer can be added as required to reduce the oxygen permeability and extend the shelf life of the product.


3、 Manufacturing process of plastic suction nozzle of self standing bag


The plastic suction nozzle of the self-supporting bag is composed of suction nozzle and self-supporting bag. Each link has high requirements for the process. If the process is not well mastered, unqualified products will appear, and problems such as bag inflation, bag breakage and leakage will occur in the use process. In order to avoid this situation in the production of self-supporting bags, attention must be paid to such links as punching, placing the bottom of the bag, and heat sealing at the bottom. In particular, the joint part of the four layers and two layers of self-supporting bags is easy to break the bag. The horizontal sealing knife is not enough. A heat sealing knife should be installed, and some parts should also be strengthened. In addition, the self standing bag with mouth is required to have good opening performance. During bag making, the static electricity on the surface should be removed to avoid adsorption between bags, which is not conducive to taking bags from the mouth sealing machine.


At present, there are two methods for installing suction nozzles in self-supporting bags in China: manual installation and thermal sealing. The temperature is transmitted to the mouth by means of heat conduction to melt the mouth and weld it with the PE sealing layer of the bag.


Finished bags shall be inspected by a special detector to prevent leakage, damage, etc. At the same time, the physical properties of the self-supporting bags shall be tested by stretching to withstand the tensile force and pressure.


The above is a brief introduction to the plastic suction nozzle of the self-supporting bag. In this society, green packaging that expands the function of food packaging and reduces environmental pollution of packaging has become the development trend of new packaging. It is believed that the packaging of plastic suction nozzle of self supporting bag will become better and better in the future.


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