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Do you know the difference between aluminum foil bag packaged food

click:233 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

Aluminum foil bag packaging is the most widely used in food packaging. Many snack food packaging bags are aluminum foil bags, such as the duck feet, duck necks, betel nuts, chicken feet, etc. of Zhou black ducks. If you go to the leisure food area of supermarkets and shopping malls, you will soon find that aluminum foil bag packaging has occupied half of the country. Then why are aluminum foil bags so popular? What’s the difference between aluminum foil bag packaging food? Next, Xiao Bian Liu will take you to understand the secrets.


1、 Difference: excellent shading

This is the unique feature of aluminum foil bags among all food packaging bags. To prevent food from being exposed to light can greatly improve the quality assurance ability of packaging, and preserve the color, smell and taste of food. For example, the aluminum foil bag can withstand high and low temperatures, and can resist oil and fragrance. Other composite packaging bags can also achieve these capabilities.


2、 Difference: beautiful metallic luster

This is also a unique feature of aluminum foil bag. The beautiful silver luster makes it shine in the vacuum bag. Because the packaging bags will wrinkle after vacuum. Color printing complex patterns can not be perfectly displayed, but appear empty. The aluminum foil bag packaging, with its silver appearance, can play a very good decorative role. In addition, the silver background gives more design space and inspiration to the designer, so that the designer’s wild ideas can be fully displayed.


The above content is the difference between the aluminum foil bag packaging introduced by Xiao Bian, and also the reason why it is particularly popular. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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