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Definition and Application of Composite Vacuum Packaging Bag

click:342 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

What is a composite vacuum packaging bag? What are the applications of composite vacuum packaging bags? Recently, many friends have questions about the composite vacuum packaging bag in one way or another. Next, Xiao Bian will talk about the definition and application of composite vacuum packaging bag according to these problems.


With the development of packaging industry, the packaging of goods has also been developed accordingly. From simple paper packaging, to single-layer plastic film packaging, to the extensive use of composite materials.


The compound vacuum packaging bag can make the contents of the package have the characteristics of moisture retention, fragrance protection, beauty, freshness preservation, light protection, impermeability, and extended shelf life, so it has been rapidly developed, especially the use of color printing packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and vacuum packaging bags has penetrated into all aspects of life.


Even because the composite vacuum packaging bag combines the advantages of most materials, it is used in cutting-edge science and technology fields such as IC, such as anti-static shielding bags and moisture-proof bags.


As the application scope of packaging continues to expand and the requirements for packaging continue to improve, CPP produced by tape casting method with good heat sealing, oil resistance, transparency, fragrance retention, special low humidity heat sealing and high temperature cooking properties has been widely used in packaging. The aluminized CPP developed on this basis is widely used because of its metallic luster, beauty and barrier performance.


CPE film produced by tape casting is also being further used due to its unidirectional tear resistance, low temperature heat sealing and good transparency. At present, the common composite vacuum packaging bags in the market are soft packaging bags with high anti-static, shielding and moisture-proof properties made of PET/AL/CPE, PET/NY/AL/CPE, PET/AL COAT/PE, PET/AL COAT/CPP, NY/CPE, PET/NY/CPE and other materials.


The above is about the definition of composite vacuum packaging bag and its application. Do you understand it after reading it? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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