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How to choose plastic vacuum bag

click:414 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

According to the number of layers of plastic film, plastic vacuum bags can be divided into single film and composite film vacuum bags, which can be subdivided into one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers and even 10 layers. Vacuum bags are widely used in transport packaging and sales packaging. So how should we choose the plastic vacuum bag? Next, I will introduce to you.


1、 Puncture resistance of plastic bag after vacuum


Whether it is transport packaging or sales packaging, one of the important functions of packaging bags is to protect food. If most of them are punctured, it will not protect them. Therefore, we need to know whether our products have sharp and hard substances and what level of puncture ability they have reached. For ordinary methods, ask the packaging manufacturer to provide samples, conduct vacuum packaging test, throw, throw, press and other methods, and then see if there is any broken bag.


2、 In what environment is the vacuum bag used


Including processing environment, storage environment, transportation environment, different environmental requirements for different plastic film and printing process. For example, the instant marinated duck’s feet, after vacuum packaging, are sterilized at high temperature and boiled in water. The material requirements for the packaging bags are different. High temperature sterilization requires that the plastic film should be resistant to high temperature above 121 ℃, and that the boiling sterilization should be resistant to high temperature of 100 ℃. It is insoluble in high temperature environment and has strong water resistance.


3、 Other needs to protect food


Vacuum bag is selected for food to prolong the shelf life and better preserve its color, fragrance and taste. In addition to puncture resistance, there are many other performance requirements. For example, salt baked chicken leg and salt baked chicken wing will have oil and produce aromatic molecules. The plastic bag must have oil resistance and fragrance retention.


At present, several plastic vacuum bags commonly used in the market are PE bags, polyester composite bags, nylon composite bags, etc. PE bags are widely used in the transportation and sales of fresh food in vacuum packaging, such as fruits and vegetables, fresh pork and mutton. Polyester composite bag and nylon composite bag are both used in leisure food. Polyester tends to sterilize at high temperature and nylon tends to sterilize by boiling in water, but they are not absolute. Both of them can adapt to these two environments. Such as marinated duck feet, pickled chicken feet, crispy chicken, beer duck, etc.


The above is about how to choose plastic vacuum bags. After reading, do you understand? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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