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How to distinguish the quality of food packaging bags

click:308 time:2022-10-29 edit:Hua Di's editor

In fact, there are many aspects to distinguish whether the quality of packaging bags is qualified. Bags used for different product packaging have different specifications. However, in general, there are several requirements that we should pay special attention to. How to distinguish the quality of food packaging bags? Now let’s learn about it with Xiao Bian.


1、 The sealing performance of packaging bags should be high, especially for food packaging bags, which need to be completely sealed. Some areas with air leakage will definitely affect the food quality inside. If it is easy to judge whether there is air leakage, randomly select a packaging bag to add water and check whether there is water leakage. If there is air leakage, part of the water will leak out, but if there is no air leakage, part of the water will not leak out. It can be judged by filling it with air. If the air leaks, there will be a sound. This is a good judgment.


2、 In addition to the tightness, the thickness of the packaging bag is also the criterion for judging. The packaging bags are formed at one time. If the condition of thin edge and thick edge is presented, it is clarified that the outlet is blocked. At this time, the outlet should be dredged immediately, otherwise this batch of packaging bags will present this condition.


3、 In addition to the rigid quality, all kinds of information on the packaging bag must be complete, otherwise it will be classified as unqualified products, and there must be anti-counterfeiting marks and entry date, as well as many introductions. The discussion on the content should be complete and not exaggerated. One should say one thing and two things. The packaging bag should be designed according to scientific basis. Do not present words and pictures that are likely to mislead consumers, or the company may be punished for defrauding consumers.


The above is about how to distinguish the quality of food packaging bags. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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