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What is the reason for the broken packaging bag

click:452 time:2022-10-22 edit:Hua Di's editor

When we order packaging bags, what we fear most is the problem of broken bags, which is not only a concern of customers, but also a problem that businesses attach great importance to. So what is the cause of broken packaging bags? Now let’s learn about it with Xiao Bian.


Reasons for bag breakage:


1. The heat sealing temperature has a direct influence on the heat sealing strength;


2. The heat seal material has a decisive influence on the heat seal strength, including the quality, type or thickness of the material;


3. The influence of pressure on heat sealing strength is also very important;


4. After the plastic packaging bag is heat sealed, if the welding seam is not cooled well, not only the flatness but also the heat sealing strength will be affected;


5. The heat sealing time shall be controlled according to the speed of bag making machine;


6. The number of hot air has an effect on the heat sealing strength, and the more the number of hot air, the higher the heat sealing strength;


7. The higher the peeling strength between the composite layers, the greater the heat sealing strength;


The above is the explanation of the reasons for the broken bags. After reading, do you know? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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