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How to deal with the leakage of vacuum bag

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In vacuum packaging enterprises, when vacuum bags are used, there will be a quality problem caused by air leakage of vacuum bags after they are placed for a period of time after vacuuming. As long as these links are handled properly, similar problems will not occur again. Next, we will learn how to deal with air leakage of vacuum bags in detail.


1. It is necessary to find a competent vacuum bag supplier, and require the supplier to provide material report and composition, so as to achieve the quality qualification.


2. It should be clearly stipulated that the supplier cannot use any recycled materials, otherwise trachoma will appear on the film surface (of course, the trachoma is invisible to human eyes), which will lead to chronic air leakage.


3. The manufacturer should also according to the situation of their own vacuum pumping equipment. The sealing edge of the current vacuum pumping machine is all 10cm wide. Some manufacturers are still old equipment, and the sealing is 5cm


4. When the device is put into the box and transported (especially when transporting goods), it should be handled with care to avoid damage.


5. During sealing, adjust the heat sealing time, generally 1-3 seconds, and the cooling time, generally 5 seconds. The vacuum time should be determined according to the actual product and the size of the vacuum bag. Usually, the internal vacuum pumping unit is 10-25 seconds, and the external vacuum pumping unit is usually 5-15 seconds. The sealing must be placed flat without wrinkles. The machine temperature should be constant.


The above is the explanation of how to deal with the leakage of the vacuum bag. Do you understand it after reading it? I hope it will help you.

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