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Production Process of Suction Mouth Bag Food Packaging Bag

click:366 time:2022-10-14 edit:Hua Di's editor

Suction bag Food packaging bag is a packaging bag used to package food in daily life, which is widely used in daily life. As food packaging bags need to be in direct contact with food, the production requirements of food packaging bags are extremely strict, especially when packaging daily food, the printed font pigment is easy to stick to food, causing food pollution. Once the quality of food packaging bags is not up to standard, all harmful substances in ink and plastic will directly threaten our health. Today, let’s take a look at the production process of mouth sucking bags and food packaging bags.


Production process of mouthpiece bag food packaging bag:


1. Pattern design:


Generally speaking, the importance of exquisite packaging design for product marketing is self-evident. The same is true of the packaging design of food packaging bags. It is generally recommended that small words and lines on food packaging bags be designed in monochrome to avoid multicolor overprint. The width of thin lines should not be too small, or they may be lost or the strokes may not be clear when printing.


2. Selection of food packaging bag type of nozzle bag:


We will determine which food packaging bag is suitable for the product according to the customer’s requirements and the actual situation.


3. Print:


The printing equipment is advanced and the color register is accurate. It should be noted that the speed and oven temperature should also be paid attention to on the ink used. The fineness and drying speed of the ink are also important factors affecting the printing effect.


4. Composite:


Due to the particularity of food grade products, in order to achieve the packaging effect, it is often difficult for a single packaging material to play a role, and it is necessary to composite two or more materials at the same time to achieve the packaging effect, which can be specifically divided into dry composite method, wet composite method, extrusion composite method, hot melt composite method and other processing methods.


5. Slitting:


After the printing is completed, it is cut into single finished products and waits for the next process.


6. Bag making:


Bag making is the next process in the production of food packaging bags.


7. Quality inspection of suction bag and food packaging bag:


Every professional food packaging manufacturer must have inspectors, and each batch of products must be inspected before leaving the factory.


The above is the explanation of the production process of the mouthpiece bag food packaging bag. Do you understand it after reading it? I hope it will be helpful to you.


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