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The difference between self-supporting bag and octahedral sealing bag should not be confused

click: time:2020-05-13 17:02:22 edit:Hua Di's editor

Many friends asked us how to distinguish the self-supporting bag and the octagonal sealing bag in our daily life. As an excellent self-supporting bag manufacturer, Xiaobian naturally summarized the following knowledge, hoping to help everyone.


In shopping malls, we often see a lot of standing food. Many of the food packaging bags standing are self-supporting bags and octahedral sealing bags. So which are self-supporting bags and which are octahedral sealed bags? How can we be different? So today, I'd like to introduce to you: what's the difference between self-supporting bag and octahedral sealing bag.


1. Self supporting bag


On the Internet, a lot of definitions are like this: a package that can stand on its own without relying on external support is called a self-supporting bag. Xiaobian thinks that such a definition is easy to mix the self-supporting bag, the four side sealing bag and the eight side sealing bag. The small edition gives such a definition: there is a fold back at the bottom and two edges, one edge on the left and one edge on the left and the bottom can be self-supporting after the bottom is opened.


2. Octahedral sealing bag


Eight side sealing bag is also called eight side sealing flat bottom bag. Its bottom is flat, and there are eight sealing edges, so it is named. There are 4 edges at the bottom and 2 edges on the left and right respectively, which is 8 in total. There are five display surfaces in the bag: one front and one front, one left and one left and one bottom. In this way, the octahedral bag can carry more information and media information, and better display and promote food and brand.


3. The difference between self supporting bag and octagonal sealing bag


After the previous description, the difference between the two is very obvious. First of all, the bottom of the self-supporting bags is not flat, and the eight side bags are sealed; secondly, the number of edge seals is different, there are 4 self-supporting bags and 8 eight edge sealing bags; thirdly, the number of display surfaces is different, there are only two self-supporting bags, but there are five eight side sealing bags. From the overall point of view, the octahedral sealing bag is more superior than the self-supporting bag, the more three-dimensional, the more stable; and the more expensive the cost, the higher the technical requirements.


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