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All you want to know about composite aluminum foil bags is here

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Aluminum foil bag is a kind of bag made by a bag making machine after the combination of a variety of plastic films. It is used to package food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.


1、 Composite aluminum foil bag material


Composite aluminum foil bag is made of aluminum and other high barrier materials after dry lamination. Material: PET / NY / Al / PE (general packaging) PET / NY / Al / CPP (high temperature cooking); VMPET / CPE or PET / Al / NY / CPE (antistatic shielding bag). Thickness: 70-180, micron: generally customized according to customer requirements, bag shape: three side seal, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and Yang bag, middle seal organ. The products are used in cosmetics, facial mask, medicinal materials, medicines, various kinds of solutions, various kinds of food, all kinds of PC boards, IC integrated circuits, CD-ROM, hard disk, LCD electronic components, welding materials, electronic products, circuit boards, etc. The food packaging film, pharmaceutical outer packaging film, pesticide outer packaging film, seed outer packaging film, industrial packaging film, mask outer packaging film, solid outer packaging film and so on are all composite aluminum foil bags.


2、 Advantages of composite aluminum foil bag


Composite aluminum foil bag is very common in China's plastic industry. With the development of China's plastic industry, plastic packaging has changed from glass bottle packaging and plastic bottle packaging to composite aluminum foil bag and plastic bag packaging. Plastic particle composite aluminum foil bag is not only beautiful, but also more environmentally friendly.


The characteristics of the composite aluminum foil bag include: Pet: good printing effect; NY: low oxygen permeability; al: strong barrier and opaque; PE: ordinary packaging inner layer; CPP: high temperature cooking inner layer. The advantages include: strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, water-proof and moisture-proof; strong mechanical performance, high explosion resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance; high temperature resistance (121 ℃), low temperature resistance (- 50 ℃), oil resistance and fragrance retention performance; non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging health standards; good heat sealing performance, softness and high barrier performance.


3、 Sealing method of composite aluminum foil bag


After understanding the material and advantages of the composite aluminum foil bag, let's talk about how to seal the composite aluminum foil bag. The sealing method of composite aluminum foil bag is mostly heat sealing. The quality of sealing is related to the material, adhesive, production process, temperature, pressure and time. These are the key factors to improve the quality of composite aluminum foil bags. Generally, the sealing of composite aluminum foil bags with good quality has higher tightness and will not be easily damaged.


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