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How to heat breast milk stored in breast milk bags

click: time:2020-06-13 15:08:45 edit:Hua Di's editor

Milk storage bag, also known as breast milk preservation bag, breast milk bag. It is a kind of food packaging plastic products, mainly used to store breast milk.


Whether it is frozen breast milk, or frozen breast milk, will encounter the problem of heating. Use special containers for storing breast milk, such as breast milk storage bag or breast milk storage cup. The time should be marked on the bag on the breast milk sucked out, so that the breast milk that is sucked out is eaten first. If it is refrigerated breast milk, you can put the breast milk container into the warm water for soaking, so that the milk can absorb the heat in the water and become warm. When soaking, shake the container from time to time to make the breast milk heated evenly.


If it's frozen breast milk, thaw it in cold water, and then it's as hot as frozen breast milk. If you are using a milk heater to heat, set the temperature of the milk heater at about 40 ℃, and heat the breast milk with water separation, so that the temperature will be easier to master. If a thermostat is used, the temperature is set at about 40 ℃ to heat breast milk. If it is frozen breast milk, may appear stratified phenomenon, these are normal, as long as before feeding baby, as far as possible shake evenly.


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