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What is the process of bag customization?

click: time:2020-07-29 15:00:54 edit:Hua Di's editor

Undeniably, small bags in many production-oriented enterprises, occupy a very important position. Many food factories, clothing factories, hardware factories, electronic factories, cosmetics factories need a large number of exquisite packaging bags, but many times the existing packaging bags are not satisfactory, either the quality is too poor, or can not meet the needs of product upgrading, it is urgent to customize a batch of packaging bags that can better meet the needs of enterprise development.


1. Package planning document


Some enterprises have UI planners or cooperate with other planning companies. In this case, enterprises can submit the planning drawings to the packaging bag manufacturer, and the packaging bag manufacturer will carry out color printing and typesetting planning. However, some enterprises do not have UI planners. In this case, they need to pre store files and provide them to bag manufacturers for planning.


The documents that need to be prepared will vary from industry to industry, but they are also similar. It mainly includes necessary printing information: product name, logo, trademark, main ingredients (can be named by formula and food formula), product registration bar code, net content, manufacturer information (including manufacturer's full name, license number and address), QS logo or license number (CS standard implemented in 2017), product standard number, storage method and application method. If there are allergens or are not suitable for use In addition, the specifications and size of the package, the bag type and raw materials to be used, the marking direction of the package film, the commonly used theme color, the corporate culture overview, the common background map and the theme to be reflected are also included.


The above information must be carefully checked, there must be no wrong words. Then, the packaging bag manufacturer will make the planning and submit the planned drawings to the customer for confirmation. The customer needs to check the above information carefully again.


2. Package printed copper plate


The packaging bag manufacturers will carry out printing and typesetting and printing plate production according to the planning drawings, raw materials and process requirements. It will take about 5-6 working days.


3. Printing and compounding


The printing speed of different equipment is different, and the printing effect is also different. After printing, other process treatment, such as aluminum washing, bronzing, surface coating, etc. Then it is the composite of heat seal layer and other functional film layer, which needs to be dry and solidified after the completion of the composite. After the completion of lamination, the composite situation is detected and the defective parts are marked, and then the slitting and rewinding are carried out.


4. Bag making


The slitting and rewinding film is put on the corresponding bag making machine for bag making. Such as zipper bag making machine, which can make self-supporting bags with zippers and eight side sealing bags.


5. Quality inspection


During the quality inspection of the packaging bags, hwadee packaging will remove all the sub standard products, so that the zero sub standard products leave the factory and only the qualified products are packed.


6. Delivery inspection


Logistics delivery is usually used, but express delivery is also used in case of emergency. Send the printed package to the customer for inspection.


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