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Aluminum foil bag in the printing process may encounter problems, don't say did not tell you

click: time:2020-06-18 17:01:01 edit:Hua Di's editor

Recently, many friends of Zui have reflected to us that when printing aluminum foil bags, there are always a variety of problems, and they don't know how to solve them. As an excellent packing bag manufacturer, Xiaobian naturally brings the following knowledge.


Surface printing is surface printing, so the ink is easy to change color and easy to wipe off. However, through multi-layer printing, it is not easy to fade, and it will not fade after scrubbing. In other words, ink printing is done in the middle layer of three-layer composite aluminum foil bag, and then the outer surface is compounded


Industrial aluminum foil can't print patterns and colors. Of course, it can also be printed. In printing, patterns play the role of advertising and promotion. Let's take a look at the problems encountered in the printing process of aluminum foil bags


There are three types of general printing, namely gravure printing, flexographic printing and relief printing. Different printing methods are suitable for different printing quantities. For example, gravure printing and flexographic printing are suitable for mass paper rolling printing, while relief printing is suitable for small batch printing.


If the ink is required to have strong adhesion and fast drying speed, iron printing ink, resin type offset printing fast fixing ink or the mixed ink of offset printing and plastic ink can be used. Generally, the drying agent should be added in the ink to improve the drying speed. If the gravure printing is equipped with a hot air drying device, a small sample should be taken before the ink is selected to check whether the dryness and color phase meet the requirements


The printing process of aluminum foil bag also needs large printing pressure. The purpose of using pressure printing is that the aluminum foil has poor absorption and strong barrier. The pressure can make the plate and the surface of aluminum foil contact with each other in a large area and force the ink to adhere


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