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Material selection of suction mouth self supporting bag

click: time:2020-09-10 15:42:01 edit:Hua Di's editor

Self supporting mouth bag refers to a kind of soft packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom and suction nozzle at the top or side; its self-supporting structure can stand on its own without any support and whether the bag is opened or not. You have to do this.


1、Selection of composite data


1. Outer layer


The outer layer is the printing material. In addition to the common OPP, there are also pet, PA and other high strength and high barrier materials, which can be selected according to the situation. If it is used to pack dry fruit solid products, BOPP, dull BOPP and other common materials can be selected. If liquid products are packed, pet or PA data are generally used.


2. Middle layer


In general, high strength and high barrier materials are selected for the intermediate layer, such as pet, PA, VMPET, aluminum foil, etc. In addition, RFID requires that the surface tension of the intermediate layer data should meet the composite requirements, and it is necessary to have excellent affinity with adhesive.


3. Inner layer


The inner layer is the heat sealing layer, and the data with strong low temperature heat sealing function such as PE or CPE, CPP are generally selected. It is required that the surface tension of the composite surface should meet the composite requirements, but the surface tension of the hot surface must be lower than 34mn / m, and it should have outstanding anti pollution ability, antistatic ability and heat sealing ability.


2、 Requirements of bag making process


1. Heat sealing temperature


When setting the heat sealing temperature, the following factors should be considered: first, the characteristics of the heat sealing data; second, the thickness of the film; third, the times of hot pressing and the size of the heat sealing area. In general, when the hot pressing times of the same part are more, the heat sealing temperature can be set lower appropriately.


2. Heat sealing pressure


It is necessary to apply proper pressure when heat sealing to promote the bonding of hot cover data. However, if the pressure is too high, the melting data will be extruded, which not only affects the flatness of the bag, but also affects the heat sealing effect of the bag and reduces the heat sealing strength.


3. Heat sealing time


The heat sealing time is not only related to the heat sealing temperature and pressure, but also to the function of the heat sealing data and the heating method. The specific operation should be adjusted according to different equipment and data in practice.


4. Heating method


There are two kinds of heating methods of heat sealing knife in bag making: one side heating and two ends heating. Obviously, the two end heating method is more efficient and practical than the single side heating method.


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