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How to choose a suitable water bag?

click: time:2020-09-25 11:31:32 edit:Hua Di's editor

The water bag is made of non-toxic, tasteless, transparent and soft latex or polyethylene. It can be placed in any space of the backpack when climbing, riding or outdoor travel. It is easy to water, easy to drink, and soft and comfortable to carry. The water bag can be used many times with antibacterial materials. The faucet of the water bag is very important. If necessary, it should be easy to open and close, one hand operation or tooth opening. The safety and non-toxic of water bag must be put in the first place.


1. Non toxic and tasteless materials: water bags are used to hold drinking water, so people must put the safety of water bags, non-toxic in the first place. Most products will use non-toxic, tasteless materials, but some inferior products will have a strong plastic smell after long-term storage. It's better not to consider such a product.


2. Pressure resistance of water bags: people often need to stack the backpacks with water bags for transportation, and sometimes even use them as chairs, cushions, and even beds. Using a product that doesn't resist pressure, the result will be very terrible. Enjoy a wet trip: in my opinion, the water bag should bear the weight of a person at least when it is full of water. Of course, the standard of famous water bag manufacturers is much higher than that.


3. Nozzle selection: the faucet of the water bag is very important. It must be easy to open and close, one hand operation or tooth opening. Similarly, it is necessary to ensure the pressure resistance when the nozzle is closed. I have seen a friend's depressed water bag. The faucet is so poorly sealed that the water pipe must be tied up every time it is transported. Otherwise, after the backpack is stacked, the water will drain away from the faucet.


4. Water inlet: obviously, the larger the opening, the easier it is to fill water. Of course, the larger the corresponding opening is, the worse the sealing and compression resistance will be. Most of the existing faucets use a screw on mouth similar to that of the oil tank cover, and a few water bags use a snap on opening, which is unexpected. Of course, such as the hydrapak roll up opening, and can resist the pressure of the car, such an imposing product is really not seen.


5. Water bag hanging ring: many backpacks have water bag warehouse. However, it is recommended to hang the water bag as much as possible if possible. Firstly, avoid the water bag moving back and forth in the bag, which will increase unnecessary physical consumption. The transfer center will also slightly affect the feeling of carrying.


6. Water bag insulation: a water bag, can adapt to the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, winter is relatively troublesome, the water pipe will freeze, which can be very depressing. Many water bag manufacturers have insulated water bag pipes and water bag covers. In fact, DIY is also feasible and cheap.


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