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What are the antistatic effects of aluminum foil bag

click: time:2020-06-03 17:24:45 edit:Hua Di's editor

If the aluminum foil bag is to be made of antistatic, it must be coated with anti-static liquid. Its anti-static value is generally between 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 11. To protect the electrostatic sensitive components from potential static hazards, it can effectively slow down the intensity of electrostatic discharge and avoid damage to electronic components due to electrostatic breakdown. It has good waterproof, oxygen resistance, light protection and puncture resistance.


The product is suitable for packaging electronic products with moisture-proof requirements, such as various PCBA boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, and food and medical products, such as anti-static, moisture-proof and vacuum packaging.


According to different requirements, products with different composite materials, shapes and thicknesses are made. There are flat mouth type, self-adhesive envelope type, self sealing mouth type, self-supporting type, three-dimensional type, square type, medium sealed organ type, etc. according to the different properties, it can be made into anti-static bag, shielding bag, vacuum bag, anti-static aluminum foil bag, etc


Main parameters:


Surface resistance: 106 --- 1011 Ω / sq


Inner layer resistance: 106 --- 1011 Ω / sq


Conventional thickness range: 0.075 ~ 0.22


Anti static value: 1 * 108 Ω - 9 * 1010 Ω


Water vapor transmittance (WVTR): ≤ 0.31g/m2 · 24h


Residual voltage of electrostatic shielding: ≤ 30V


EMI: ≥ 25dB


Test methods: astmf1249-13, astmd3985-2005 (2010) e1


Product standards: RoHS and reach standards, environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable, in line with the national anti-static industry standards


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